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Custom Made Patches are used all over as a way of promoting and imparting recognition to the logos and identity of different companies and institutes. Whether you own a small personal club, a school, institute, company or want to improve the branding value of your residential or friend’s society, customized embroidered patches are just the way to do it.
Company Products
Public Enemy Custom Patches
Embroidery Crafts
03 USD
Public Enemy Custom Patches each patch measures 3 inches wide (measured from the widest point) by 1.6 inches tall, with laser cut border and iron on backing. We provide different style backing and border for Custom Patches. Public Enemy Custom Patches with
Flower in Basket Embroidered Patches
Gifts & Crafts Agents
03 USD
Flowers are presented everywhere, as office, house, school, hotel hall, restaurant and so on. Baskets of flowers which stand for good wishes are necessary if there is a birthday party, or some important occasion. The Flower in Basket Embroidered Patches w
Skeleton Custom Patches
Gifts & Crafts Agents
03 USD
As Chinese Spring Festival is more popular all over the world. Halloween is also welcomed by more and more Chinese people especially young men. Here comes the Halloween very soon, and there is a special activity in some organization including schools. Our
Lamso Sleepy Custom Patches
Gifts & Crafts Agents
03 USD
Lamso Sleepy Custom Patches doesn't look very lazy. The two eyes are halfways looking to the right, guess, Is he going to watch the game at night? Or is it because I am fully prepared for the exam, and I have not slept one night? Wow, the information repre
Tortoise Embroidered Patches
Arts & Crafts Stocks
03 USD
The tortoise is an ancient reptile. Characterized by a very strong shell, the turtle can retract its head, tail and limbs (except turtles and crocodile turtles) when attacked. Tortoise is a variable temperature animal. The natural enemies of tortoises are
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