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Gentos Measurement& Control Co., Ltd was established in 1993. We have been fully devoted in the research and production of ultrasonic flow meter in these 26 years. Now we have formed our production system, the ultrasonic flow meter as the leader. flow calibration system, water treatment and environment protection automation system three pillars to support our domestic and overseas sales system.
Company Products
Sitelab SL1188 Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Flow Meters
1200 USD
Accuracy: +/-0.5% of reading from 0.03ft/s to 40ft/s Repeatability: +/-0.15% Clamp on transducer and insertion transducer versions Bi-directional flow range of 0.03ft/s to 40ft/s Pipe sizes from 1 to 200 inches RS-485, Modbus RTU
Sitelab SL1168 ultrasonic flowmeter
Flow Meters
1000 USD
Accuracy: +/-1.0% Repeatability: +/-0.3% Bi-directional flow range of 0.03 to 16 ft/s Pipe sizes from 1 to 48 in Communications: RS-232, RS-485, Modbus RTU
Sitelab SL1278 Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Flow Meters
1600 USD
Accuracy: +/- 1.0% Repeatability: +/- 0.3% Bi-directional flow range of 0.03 ft/s to 40 ft/s Pipe sizes from 1 to 48 in RS-485, Modbus RTU
Sitelab SL1288i Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Flow Meters
2300 USD
Handheld Flow range: +/-0.03 ft/s ~ +/-40 ft/s Accuracy: +/-0.5% Repeatability: 0.15% Pipe size range: 0.6″~240″ RS-485, Modbus RTU
F3 ultrasonic flowmeter
Flow Meters
250 USD
Installation: Clip-on Flow Range: 0.98 ft/s ~ +/-16ft/s Accuracy: +/- 2% Repeatability: 0.4% Pipe Size: DN20~DN80 Output: RS-485, Modbus RTU,WiFi
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