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cellulose sponge
Bath Brushes, Sponges & Scrubbers
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cellulose sponge, compressed cellulose sponge, cellulose cleaning sponge, cosmetic cellulose sponge, 100% natural cellulose facial sponge, cellulose bath sponge, natural cellulose cosmetic facial sponges
konjac sponge
01 USD
How to clean your skin healthily? The Konjac potato (or Konnyaku potato) is a herbaceous perennial plant, native to Asia that grows wild at high altitudes. It is a crop that is easy to grow and highly sustainable.   The Konjac plant
Compressed konjac sponge
Bath Salt
01 USD
Advantage of Compressed konjac sponge: 100% Natural, Made from Konjac Vegetable Fibre No Chemicals, Colours or Preservatives Cleanses and Gently Massages Skin Removes Blackheads If you want more information. Welcome to our
Granular activate carbon foam
Air Fresheners
Filter sponge, also known as reticulated sponge, is a porous, low-density, reticulated flexible polyester/polyether urethane sponge. With an open cell structure and three dimensional skeletal strand structure.
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