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Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hereafter called “Dragons Machine”) is an international high-tech enterprise, a council member of Chinese North China Pet Industry Association (CNCPIA), awarded by The National Quality Service Credit AAA Enterprise, which is majored in manufacturers of food extruder machine and pet food machine. Incorporated 2004, Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. has one wholly owned manufacturing factory in Jinan City, and registers “DRAGONS MACHINE” as brand. We passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in August 2016, and all the machines have EU CE Certification. Dragons Machine owns a number of core patented technologies, and specialize in providing the following machines: Food Extruder, Pet Food Machine and Cereal Bar Machine. With more than ten years’ development, Dragons Machine has set up mature sales networks, and sold machines to more than 50 countries around the world, includes USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Malaysia, Korea, Nigeria, Saudi Arab, etc. Dragons Machine is aim to lead the technological revolution for food machine, and become the most respected intelligent machinery and service provider. Welcome your visit us for Dragons Machine.
Company Products
Corn Snacks Extrusion Machine
Food Processing Machinery
23000 USD
Corn Snacks Extrusion Machine can process various direct cereal based snacks with a wide variety of recipes and shapes. Extruded Snacks Processing Line leverages Qunlong’s unique twin-screw extrusion technology and are highly flexible and stable.
Corn Flakes Extruder Machine
Food Processing Machinery
70000 USD
Corn Flakes Extruder Machine produces cereal flakes, both plain or coated. The twin-screw extrusion technology is at the core of this very flexible and scalable process. This technology is ideal to meet the market demands and breakfast cereal manufacturing
Pasta Processing Line
Food Processing Machinery
35000 USD
Pasta Processing Line is complete production solution for a wide range of typical short-cut pasta shapes. Over the years, Qunlong has continuously refined every component in the production process, building high-performance lines to customer specifications
Cereal Bar Forming Machine
Food Processing Machinery
10500 USD
Dragons Machine offers Cereal Bar Forming Machine for more fragile materials such as nutritional, granola, crisp rice, meal replacement, energy, cereal, and other bars. Our popular Cereal Bar Forming Machine has quickly become best selling equipment.
Snacks Bar Forming Machine
Food Processing Machinery
7600 USD
Protein Bar Forming Machine can be used for producing all kinds of cereal bars and sticks. Rotary structure which covers smaller area with high efficiency.The shapes can be round, cylindrical, square, semi round, triangular and blossom, etc.
Muesli Bar Cutting Machine
Food Processing Machinery
11500 USD
Muesli Bar Cutting Machine is designed for the production of granola, muesli, nut, protein and candy bars.Forming rollers form a sheet of food product - whether it is muesli/granola, cereal, protein, rice-crispie, caramel or confectionery
Chocolate Coating Machine
Food Processing Machinery
66000 USD
Granola Bar Machine is multi-funtional for making cereal bar, candy bar, sesame bar, muesli bar, granola bar, peanut bar, fruit bar, chocolate coating cereal bar, etc.Muesli Bar Machine relies on gentle and accurate process.
Pet Food Processing Line
Food Processing Machinery
26000 USD
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Pet Treats Processing Line
Food Processing Machinery
35000 USD
Pet Treats Extruding Machine is to produce semi-moist pet snack. Dragons Machine is well-known for its unique multi-color dies, rotary dies and other equipment such as cutting machines, which are being used by pet snack market leaders all over the world
Pet Jerky Machine
Food Processing Machinery
76000 USD
Pet Jerky Machine is equipment for producing jerky treats and meat jerky, suitable for pet food without casing directly baked meat and meat products, widely used in pet food article beef, article chicken, beef rod, chicken rod production
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