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Company Products
sausage cutting machine
Food Processing Machinery
1. this machine is used for cut a string of cooked sausages(including kinds of natural casings, collagen casings and artificial casings) into single ones or parts of 2 sausages, at the kink positions; and the quantity number of processing could be set form
Food Processing Machinery
Smoke oven is one of the absolutely necessary equipment in the process of making meat product .This machine has such functions as boiling , drying , roasting ,smoking ,ventilating and cleaning etc. with the experience of decade development and careful cons
Food Processing Machinery
TENDERIZER NH-95 Use two-sets tenderizing knives ,distanle between two groups of knife shaft is adjustable ,so Easy to clean the machine .Activation wheels make the meat fibre loose and waxy .Tenderizing Knives make diced meat to increase surface several
Automatic Injector meat injector meat processing machine
Food Processing Machinery
Automatic Injector Learned from overboard-advanced technology, the electric parts are imported. The operate keyboard is apart from the whole machine .so it is more safety. Reliable quality and delicate designed, so that is Superior than other equipment. Th
Food Processing Machinery
ZBH-300/500/750 VACUUM MIXER OPPER vacuum mixers mix the meat with other additives in absence of air , this can improve the retention of the color ,smell and taste ,reduce the time of The next processing and ensure longer shelf life . Elf-supported body ma
bowl cutter machine
Food Processing Machinery
BOWL CUTTER The cutting machine utilized the cutter rotating with high speed to cut the meat , vegetable, fragrant mushroom, agarics, shallot and ginger etc into the grains with different sizes. The cutting machine produced by our company has the most su
Meat grinder Meat processing equipment Sausage making equipment
Food Processing Machinery
Meat grinder GRINDER SERISE The meat grinder is the necessary equipment of the foods processing, it adopts the German technology with the excellent capacities , adopting the SUS304 with the food –class excellent quality to manufacture, it can directly cho
Frozen Meat Dicing Machine meat processing machine meat factory
Food Processing Machinery
Quick Overview Reference to international advanced machine design ,manufacture machinery ,reasonable structure .The machine can precisely cut , “cube” , “silk “, “film “, “section” and the high efficiency ,cutting diced Frozen Meat Dicing Machine Minimum
Frozen meat flaker Frozen meat cutter Sausage making equipment
Food Processing Machinery
Quick Overview It is our newest FROZEN MEAT FLAKER ,which is researched and developed by ourselves .Frozen Meat Flaker adopts international advanced technology , One piece frozen meat of -18 can be directly cut into slices .it is pre-procedure of cuttin
Automatic sausage slicer Sausage cutting equipment Sausage making machine
Food Processing Machinery
Automatic Slicer SLICER : The slicer can be used to cut the frozen meat cubes, ribs, cured meats, sausages,etc, into slices with the thickness of cut slice adjustable, and can satisfy the users’ pouch-packing portioning demand with number of slices in eac
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