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Shinlone is the world's supplier in many respects in mould industry, including tool design, process and tool-try. We provide innovative technology and R&D to many of the world top 500 and other well-known enterprises. Most of our processing equipments are imported from Germany. We have been growing, and we are on the way to become listed on Shanghai A-Stock Market. Shinlone is the tool supplier with a focus on technology. Since that time, Shinlone has grown steadily, progressively adding new products and technologies. This has made us leaders in the design and manufacture of tools and one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry worldwide. In Shinlone growth and constancy are our specialty. Our challenge is to position ourselves at the forefront of innovation in our products. That is why we make every effort to research and develop breakthrough technologies. We know that in order to progress we must remain close to our customers. We can thus offer our customers comprehensive solutions that cover the entire production process, from product concept to delivery at their assembly lines.
Company Products
Hot Stamping Tool
Other General Industrial Equipment
Hot Stamping Tool Press Hardening is an innovative process by which advanced ultra high strength steel is formed into complex shapes more efficiently than with traditional cold stamping.
auto hot stamping tools
We are the largest global supplier of press hardening tools. Our press hardening production model cover the entire value chain from the manufacturing of our own dies to production lines in the future.
Hydroforming Tool
Hydroforming Tool Hydroforming is a specialized type of cold forming that uses a high pressure hydraulic fluid to press room temperature tubes into a die.
automotive hydroforming
Hydroforming is considered to be a cost-effective way of shaping metal into lightweight, structurally stiff, complex and strong pieces.
hydroforming die
The ability to deform thick materials makes this technology useful for chassis applications in particular.
2K Injection Mold
2K Injection Mold 2K injection mold, two kinds of plastic material in the same injection machine, two times of forming, but the product out of the mold only once.
2k injection molding process
2K Injection Mold This is also called the double injection molding process, usually performed by a set of mold, and need special double color injection molding machine.
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