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SEHENSTAR is an Energy technology company, dedicated to the research of efficient heat transfer and energy savings. The company is an advocate in green industry and low carbon life, after years of efforts SEHENSTAR has helped thousands of enterprises to reduce carbon emissions, this all benefit from SEHENSTAR excellent efficient heat transfer products and optimal energy-saving solutions. SEHENSTAR Energy Technology(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. is one of the three production bases of SEHENSTAR in China, our main products include plate & shell heat exchangers, pillow plate heat exchangers, jacket tanks and others efficient heat exchangers, also we offer energy saving equipments such as Sewage-source heat pump, Waste heat power generation unit, High temperature heat pump. In addition, rely on SEHENSTAR USA technical support, we offer optimal energy saving solutions. SEHENSTAR of Guangzhou in China is an efficient refrigeration heat exchangers Producer, another SEHENSTAR production base is in Dezhou which products include finned heat exchanger and air-source heat Pump & Drying equipments.
Company Products
Fluid Bed Granulator Instead Effective Energy Saving and Environment
Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
3000 USD
SV bulk solid heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger using pillow plate to heat or cool bulk solid particle or powder.
High Efficiency Heat Exchange Plate Dimple Plate
Beverage Processing Machinery Parts
300 USD
Pillow Plate is a highly versatile panel-type heat exchanger that can be welded, formed, or fitted to meet your exact needs. It can be applied in irregular shapes, at high pressures, high temperatures, or in corrosive environments.
Pillow Plate Heat Transfer Immersion Plate Heat Exchanger Heater
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
3000 USD
SPI immersion heat exchanger is applied for working condition of liquid heating, cooling and heat recovery. SPI immersion heat exchanger is based on world leading technology of laser welding pillow plate heat exchange technology.
Air to Water Heat Exchanger for Wood Industry Drying Flue Gas Heat Exchange
Gas Disposal
3000 USD
SGL flue gas heat exchanger is used in gas heating (pre-heating), cooling (pre-cooling), heat recovery and various other conditions. It is based on world leading technology of laser welding pillow plate heat transfer design, with great technical advantages
Hot Selling Laser Welding Plate Heat Exchanger Falling Film Water Condenser
Refrigeration & Heat Exchange
3000 USD
SPF falling film heat exchanger is applied for cooling large amount of water or other liquid to 0.5℃. It has high heat exchange efficient and operates stable and reliable as well.
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