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Country India
Address Jaipur, IT-2013, Ramchandrapura Industrial Area, Sitapura Extension, Near Bombay Hospital, Vidhani Circle, Jaipur-302022, India
Phone/Fax 91-141-2771791/91-141-2724326
About Us: • Manufacturer/Exporter-Test, Measuring & Technical Education Training Equipment • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company • 23000 sq. feet of operations • Member Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council, New Delhi • Sales to 52 countries worldwide • 2000 Innovative Products, "You Name It & We Have It" • Turnkey Project Capabilities for International Tenders Product Range: • Educational Trainers • Electronic Components • Fluke Product • Hand Tools • IC Testers & Programmers • Interactive WhiteBoard • Lab Furniture • Physics Training Systems • Soldering & De Soldering Systems • Test & Measurement Instrument • Variac / Dimmerstats Advantages: • Single Sourcing Partner for all your Educational/Didactic Solutions • Quality Control at multiple stages • Excellent technical support, training, installations & demonstrations • Service Support • Hassle free shipment ordering & fast response
Company Products
PC Based Motorized Antenna Trainer
Educational Equipment
6125 USD
PC Based Motorized Antenna Trainer has been designed to provide useful tools for hands on experimentation and teaching of various commonly used antennas in VHF-UHF-Microwave band in the laboratory for students of all levels.
Satellite Trainer
Educational Equipment
6125 USD
* Emulation of path loss at uplink and downlink * Emulation of frequency translation * High RF output power and low noise * PLL synthesizer in Transmitter, Receiver and Satellite * Condenser microphone and speaker for audio link
GPS Trainer
Educational Equipment
792 USD
Global Positioning System technology is rapidly changing how people find their way around the earth. Whether it is for fun, saving lives, getting there faster, or whatever uses you can dream up, GPS navigation is becoming more common everyday.
Digital- Analog Lab
Educational Equipment
528 USD
The DIGITAL-ANALOG LAB is intended for elementary as well as advance training of Digital & Analog electronics. The trainer covers regular digital & analog circuits by solder-less interconnections on breadboard.
Electricity Lab
Educational Equipment
827 USD
“Electricity Lab” is a versatile training kit for a laboratory. It is designed such that all the basic electrical circuits can be tested with the help of this trainer kit.
Power Electronics Lab
Educational Equipment
510 USD
Power Electronics Lab is used to perform power electronics circuit experiments. It is very useful in power electronics laboratories for performing power experiments in colleges and universities.
Electrical Machine Trainer
Educational Equipment
14696 USD
The Electrical Machine Trainer system is provided with specially designed integrated machines of nominal 300 W / 0.5 HP rating. Control Panels containing power supplies, drives, loading arrangements, electronic and digital instruments
Multimedia Computer Trainer
Educational Equipment
2429 USD
01 The Different circuit boards of PC/AT Computer are exposed on a PCB. 02 Troubleshooting and fault finding procedure explained in details. 03 Artificial fault creation facilities are provided by the switches.
UPS Trainer
Educational Equipment
495 USD
The UPS trainer is a very versatile training system, has been designed to explain a very interesting and frequently used switching based power supply - The UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).
PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation And Demodulation Trainer
Educational Equipment
282 USD
PAM-PPM-PWM are the basic Pulse Modulation techniques. The trainer provides complete set up to the students for performing experiments on these techniques. They can study Sampling, Pulse Modulation, Demodulation & Signal reconstruction process.
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