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Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co., Ltd Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co., Ltd allocates itself in Guangdong District Dong Guan City Guagndong Province, a high-tech enterprise specialized in environmental equipment R&D, manufacturer and covers an areas of more than 10000 square meters with its registered capital up to 500,00,000 RMB and annual throughout up to more than 0.1 billion RMB. Bell boost a team that consists of more than 120 employees and 60 of them with college educated background and 15 of them with senior engineer qualification. To meet manufacturing demand, Bell was introduced with the facilities such as advanced CNC shearing machine, bending machine, punching machine, laser welding machine etc. meanwhile, Bell recruited a large number of talents in R&D, manufacturing, most of them are capable to design, manufacture and install large size testing machine. Bell utilized its independent R&D competence in mechanical and software engineering to product testing machines that wide applied in Scientific Institute, aerospace, military, electronic, electric, toy, paper works, hardware, battery, communications and assure the machine to meet the relevant standards regarding to environmental test and mechanical test such as GB, GJB,IEC, ISO, IEC, MIL,DIN, CE etc. Our testing equipment are as below: 1. Environmental Testing Chamber Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Walk in Chamber, Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test Chamber, Salt Spray Tester, High Temperature/UV Aging Oven Standard complied: IEC60068-2 Environmental testing,MIL-STD-810D, 202,167 High temperature test, ISO 48-3-2006 ASTM D4329-2005 , 2. Battery Safety Testing Equipment Battery Vibration, Impact, Penetration, Crush, Drop, Free-fall tester. Batter internal short circuit, external short circuit, overcharge, Forced discharge tester, Battery Thermal Abuse, Altitude Simulation Tester Standard complied: IEC62133, UN38.3, UL1642 3. Universal Tensile Test Equipment/Drop Tester/Electro-dynamic Vibration System Standards complied: GB/T16491-1996 , ASTM D903, CNS11888, JIS-K6854 PSTC7, ISO 2248 JIS Z0202-87 GB/T4857.5-92 QC/T743/744 If any of the equipments interests you, please feel free to contact with me. The detailed technical specification and quotation will be offered on receiving your inquiry. My company email:
Company Products
Comprehensive Lithium Battery Safety Performance Testing System BE-JKXT-08
Testing Equipment
30000 USD
1. Introduction Integral Battery safety control system is mainly applied to test battery performances when battery in hazard environment or damaged externally by electrical test and mechanical test, which is introduced by research institute and battery man
IEC62133 & UN38.3 Battery Crush Testing Equipment Battery Squeeze Tester
Testing Equipment
9000 USD
Test battery safety performance through crush, after test the sample shall not explode or catch fire.This equipment becomes necessary inspection equipment for the battery manufacturer and researcher.
Temperature-Humidity Chamber Climate Chamber Environmental Chamber Climate cabinet
Testing Equipment
2500 USD
This Climate chamber is used for simulation of the temperature-humidity environments with a wide range, and different change speeds. We can customize different innet size for different products; Lithium-ion Battery cell, module, Pack, system, Electronics……
DGBell Environmental Low high Temperature & Damp Heat Test Chambers
Testing Equipment
8000 USD
Application This equipment is widely applied for electronic and electric products, components and materials by constant high low temperature, temperature change, rapid rate temperature change ,damp heat etc environmental simulation reliability test.
Environmental Test Equipment Climate Chamber Room
Testing Equipment
4000 USD
Our Environmental Test Chambers are mainly including Temperature-Humidity chamber, Temperature cycling chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Rain spray chamber, salt spray fog corrosive chamber, dust chamber, altitude simulation chamber, etc.
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