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Goldlink Tongda Electronics Co., Ltd is committed to the design, development and manufacture of Thermal Interface Materials, developing high quality TIMs and Thermal Solution is our first priority. Our outstanding R&D team are able to deliver the effective thermal solutions to customers for facing current advanced products. Products Our business includes Silicone Thermal Pad, Silicone Rubber Pad, Silicone Putty Pad, Silicone Thermal Tape, Thermal Interface Grease, Two-part Thermal Interface Sealing Compound, Silicone Thermal Gel, Thermal Interface Phase Change Materials and Non-Silicone type products. Applications We serve a multitude of industries worldwide including New energy vehicles, UAV, computer, telecommunications, consumer electronics, optical products, LED lighting, air flight, storage device, military and medical equipment, power conversion.
Company Products
Low Density Thermal Pad and Bergquist VO Soft Thermal Gap Pad
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03 USD
GLPOLY silicone thermal pad XK-P45 is a high performance thermal interface material for industrial computer thermal solution. it is practiced and verified by some top rank customers. NORCO is one of the most advanced industrial computer designer.
GLPOLY Thermal Gel and Chomerics THERM-A-GEL 60
Other Electronic Accessories
03 USD
GLPOLY The thermal gel XK-G60 is a high performance thermal management solution for electronics assembly, it is thermally conductive particle filled silicone gel with high conformability and thermally conductive properties.Chomerics THERM-A-GEL 60
Silicone Thermal Gap Pad and Berquist Gap Pad A2000
Other Electronic Accessories
02 USD
GLPOLY thermal pad is featuring a high thermal conductivity of 6.0W/mK, itโ€™s higher than that of most of competitor. Comparing with BQ 5000S35, the data will shows that GLPOLY thermal gap filler pad can perfectly replace the BQ 5000S35.
Silicone free Thermal Pad
Other Electronic Accessories
10 USD
Introduction These thermal pads are resilient and with large deformation, suitable for silicone sensitive application, no siloxane volatiles, no oil bleeding. Apply to consumer electronics and precision devices.
Other Electronic Accessories
08 USD
Introduction produced on the basis of phase-changing properties. These thin film smoothes out even the smallest irregularities between the power module and heat sink and thereby improves the contact between the surfaces and increase the heat transfer.
Thermally Conductive Insulator
Other Electronic Accessories
07 USD
Introduction Unlike traditional low thermal conductivity fiberglass with ceramic powder filler, XK-F series is a composite of high performance ceramic filler and 30um thin fiberglass, achieving high thermal conductivity on flatness surface with low pressur
Thermal Tape
Other Electronic Accessories
10 USD
Introduction Thermal conductive, electrical insulation and double sided adhesive films. With excellent temp resistance, high thermal conductance and good insulation properties. The viscosity strength will become stronger gradually.
EMI absorption Thermal Pad
Other Electronic Accessories
10 USD
Introduction EMI shielding materials, thermal conductance and Electromagnetic absorber can be solved at the same time in the limited space and time. Also simplify the design. Soft silicone fills small gaps easily
Silicone Thermal Sealing Compound
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11 USD
Introduction Two part ceramic-filled silicone gels with high thermal conductivity. After mixing, reaction will take place at room temperature or speed up the reaction by heating. No by-product in cure process.
Silicone free Thermal Gel
Other Electronic Accessories
09 USD
Introduction Good compressibility, Non-silicone, Non-curing, no pump out. high thermal performance Gel, based on TPR, Filled with a variety of high-performance ceramic powder. low thermal resistance, good electrically insulation
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