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Founded in 2002 year, Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,Ltd dedicates to be an expert of manufacturing wear resistant alumina ceramic lining products and wear protection solution provider. The wear abrasion resistant ceramics output is 5000ton years. The major raw material alumina powder is imported from Australia and France. Around 60% products are directly exported every year. With 15 year’s experience in the wear protection field, Chemshun produce cost-effective wear resistance alumina ceramics and supply wear solutions, to solve the customer’s problem of: wear in bulk materials handling and help customers reduce the maintenance costs and minimize downtime to prolong the equipment usage life and improve the factory performance. Chemshun's core wear abrasion ceramics product range is listed as follows: 92%Al2O3 & 95% Al2O3 Standard wear resistant alumina ceramic liner/cylinder/mosaic/hexagon tile/ceramic cubes. Abrasion resistant high alumina ceramic pipe/tubes ,diameter from 20mm to 500mm Ceramic rubber wear liner/Steel Rubber ceramic composite panel. Wear resistant pre-engineering tile in a variety of geometric shapes from simple to complex,the ceramics can be engineered or moulded to specific shapes to customer’s requirement. Ceramic lined process equipment like pipes,,bends,chutes,hoppers,bunkers, cyclones…etc.
Company Products
Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Hexagon Tile for Vulcanized Rubber with 92% & 95
1200 USD
Chemshun Advantage: 1)15 years focus on manufacturing different types of 92~95% Al2O3 ceramic products; 2)Top design,Advanced technology,Tailor made engineered ceramic products for you; 3)Professional inspection and management systerm ensure chemshuns high
92%&95% Abrasive Resistant Ceramic Square Tile
980 USD
Ceramic Square Tile Product Salient Property: 1)Excellent wear and abrasion protection property 2)Lower production and maintenance cost 3)Excellent corrosion resistance property 4)Excellent impact resistance property 5)Excellent heat resistance property
Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Welded Tile Liner From China
1000 USD
High alumina ceramic welded tile with hole provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance for industrial friction equipment. frequently-used as wear liner for hopper, cyclone , Chute ,separator, bunker, impellers and agitators, fan blades and fan casings
Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Pipe Liner for Material Conveying System
1000 USD
Wear resistant alumina ceramic pipe liner made by the isostatic pressing technology, the product with high density,fine grinding surface polished,assembled with other composite pipe , is a kind of ideal resistant to wear and corrosion protection material
High Impact Resistant Wear Ceramic Liner From Chinese Manufacturer
1000 USD
Chemshun rubber ceramic composite liner can be supplied to incorporate a variety of ceramic shapes , including hexagonal tiles , cylinders and cubes, ceramic plain tiles , all of which have a high alumina content that withstands servere impact and high abr
Excellent Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramic Ball Mill Brick Supplier
500 USD
Alumina ceramic wear resistant mill brick liner is mature products for chemshun , we can offer Al203 92% 95% mill bricks with standard size.
Manufacture Alumina Ceramic Cylinder Bonded in Rubber as Wear Resistant Pan
1250 USD
Chemshun ceramic manufacturer abrasive resistant ceramic cylinder for rubber ceramic,Manufacture Alumina Ceramic Cylinder Bonded in Rubber as Wear Resistant Panel.
Designed Engineered ceramics for mining cyclone chute equipment
480 USD
Alumina ceramic tiles & linings are frequently used in applications like chutes, hoppers, pipes, conveyor belts, and production systems where there are moving object sliding across surfaces, As the object slides over the equipment , it slowly abrades away
Wear resistant alumina ceramic block cube as abrasion materials
1000 USD
Chemshun Alumina Ceramic Block cube is designed as per the customers’ engineering requirements combined with the cost, installation and effective of application. Especially the blocks with tongues and grooves, Its obvious performance is that they could loc
Lithium Battery Ceramics Isolation Sleeve
520 USD
Lithium battery ceramics Isolation sleeve/insulation, explosion proof, protective sleeve/case/cover/jacket Advantage of Lithium battery ceramic spacer: v Insulation v Thermal insulation, temperature resistance v Explosion proof, high safety performanc
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