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Luoyang MC Bearing technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of slewing bearings, extra large bearings, non-standard bearings and wind power bearings which has the advanced ability of researching and developing slewing bearings and special bearings. The featured products are slewing bearings for port machinery, hoisting machinery and stacker-reclaimers, wind power bearings, rolliing mill bearings and etc. We can offer such series of bearings with diameters from100 mm to 7800 mm and accuracy class of P0?P6 and P5. We have achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification and began to export large turntable bearings in 2003, which are feavoured by our customers.
Company Products
slewing ball roller bearings 010,011,012
Other General Industrial Equipment
1. Single row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing 1)010, 011,012,013,014 Series slewing bearing 2)QW,QN,QU Series slewing bearing 3)HSB,HSW,HSN Series slewing bearing 2. Double Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing 020,021,022,023,024
XSU 140644 cross roller slewing bearing
Cylindrical Roller Bearing
100 USD
XSU 14 0644 cross roller slewing bearing without gear teeth 714*574*56mm is able to bear axial loads,overturning torque and relatively high radial loads.
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